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The Home Demon Hunters Game

The Morgan Kingsley series has come to an end (at least for the time being), and so has the Home Demon Hunters Game. I want to thank everyone who has played this game over the years. It's been tons of fun, and I couldn't have done it without you! The grand prize drawing is now upon us!

Grand Prize Drawing!

Lance Browning has been selected to host the demon Alexander. If you have the Lance Browning game card, then email me with the following information: your name; your mailing address; the website of the bookstore for which you'd like a gift certificate should you be the grand prize winner. You have until midnight EST next Monday (March 29) to get your entry in. On Tuesday, March 30, I will draw a grand prize winner at random from all the eligible entries I receive. Good luck everyone, and once again, thank you for playing!

Manhunt Game

Do you enjoy looking at photographs of sexy guys? Well then, this is the game for you! Test your memory and see if you can find the matching pictures. And don't worry about the timer--you can drool to your heart's content. Click here to play!

Jigsaw Puzzles

One of my favorite pastimes is to do jigsaw puzzles. I always seem to have at least one in some stage of construction. Now, I've found an online jigsaw puzzle generator, and I'm going to have some fun with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work on my new Mac, which means I won't have any new puzzles forthcoming. :(

Click on an image below to pick the puzzle you'd like to do. (All photos other than book covers were taken by me.)



For those who are up for a serious challenge:

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