Jenna Black

Free Reads

Embraced in Darkness was the first serialized free read I offered through this site. I rewrote it in a non-serialized version, with a new title, Prince of Air and Darkness. Prince of Air and Darkness is available in book Kindle and Nook formats for $5.99.

My second serialized free read, The Matchmaker's Curse, is still available through my Free Reads Yahoo group. You can read the first chapter of The Matchmaker's Curse right here. If you like what you read, you can subscribe to the Free Reads group by sending a blank email to: The remaining installments of the novel are in the Files section of the group home site. Enjoy!

Remedial Magic
Genre: Young Adult

"Remedial Magic" is a free short story (and I mean short story, not novella--it's the length you would find in a short story collection with twenty other stories in it) set in the Faeriewalker universe. You can read "Remedial Magic" here on the publisher's website, or you can download it for Kindle or Nook. (I believe other formats are available; please check your favorite e-bookstore to see if the format you want is available. No matter what format it is in, it should be free.)



The Matchmaker’s Curse
Genre: Romantic comedy with a paranormal twist

Sammi is a matchmaker by trade and a spinster by necessity. The women of her family have been cursed never to marry, and those who have dared to defy the curse have invariably come to mischief.

Jason has every intention of settling down someday . . . just not yet. Of course, he’s hit the big three-oh, and he’s beginning to wonder when “yet” will be. The uncomplicated one-night stands are beginning to pale, but the thought of settling down still makes him want to scream in terror.

When Sammi’s matchmaking father suggests that Jason and Sammi just might be soul-mates, they each find the notion absurd. Although come to think of it, there does seem to be a certain electricity in the air when they are together . . .

Against a backdrop of well-intentioned blackmail, star-crossed wildcats, love potions gone awry, and lots of hot sex, Jason and Sammi must decide if their feelings for one another are more than skin deep. And, if so, whether they dare defy her family’s ancient curse.